Pricing Estimate Per Sq. Foot

We offer competitive prices on townhomes and condos - prices start at $275.  Please contact us for a price on these homes as well as our discount and packages for new home construction. 

Radon Testing available for additional cost of $100 (when bundled with an inspection.  Radon in northern Iowa inspections may be slightly higher depending on travel distance to set and pick up the radon). 

**Additional charge for older homes and traveling outside

  the Des Moines area may apply

** Ask about our discounts for military and full-time pastors

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If you're ready to schedule your inspection, please  schedule immediately online for your convenience.  Or you may call our office at 515/865-0346 for personal assistance with your appointment.   

We Promise to Deliver
A thorough home inspection whose findings will be accurate and complete with an electronically delivered, easy-to-understand report typically delivered the same day.

An inspection that will include but is not limited to: foundations &structure, roof and all components, fireplaces, basement, water heater, furnace, ventilation, electrical system and all components, AC and heating systems, plumbing system, garages, insulation, gutters and downspouts, doors, decks and more.  
Availability for questions during and after your inspection. 

Pre-sale, buyer inspections, one year warranty inspections; new home construction inspections.

Ongoing education for our homeowners through our quarterly newsletter called "Wiemann Wisdom" as well as frequent home maintenance posts on Facebook. 

SupraKey Lockbox access, insured and certified
Radon Testing
A radon test is the most reliable way to find out the level of radon in your home. If testing reveals that your home has a radon problem, our team will focus on mitigating the problem.  Our radon testing technician is certified by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB), the U.S. National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), and the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP), the leading radon certification program in North America.


For accurate results, we use a Sun Nuclear 48-hour Continuous Radon Monitor that takes a sample every hour for 48 hours and charts the results on an easy-to-read graph. Radon testing is done primarily through our third party radon specialist,   Thomas Selgrade .   If the radon levels test high you will receive an immediate mitigation estimate to assist you in negotiating your home purchase. Please call to schedule a radon test. 

Mold Testing
Mold can be a serious health issue -- especially if someone in your family has breathing issues.

The biggest issue when dealing with mold -- besides the health problems it can cause -- is the fact that the source is often hidden. We often get calls from people who are concerned about previous moisture in the home they are purchasing.  Interior moisture generally isn't a problem unless it's excessive and sustained. Signs of excessive moisture include condensation on windows, moldy bathrooms or closets, soggy attic insulation, and exterior paint peeling off in large patches.  

Mold and air quality have become a major concern for many home owners.  If you have concern about mold ask us. For additional costs we will take mold samples, send them to a professional testing lab and you will have the peace of mind knowing if your home is safe from mold.
Wiemann Home Inspection
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